Meet The Elite Trainers of XFPT


Sharne' Burrell

Owner/Lady CEO

I am the energizer bunny that keeps this business afloat!

Xersizeher Fitness began in 2016 as a mobile personal training business, and has blossomed into the Xersizeher Fitness and Personal Training that you see today. With hard work, dedication, consistency, the support of those who TRULY love you and A WHOLE LOTTA PRAYER, no goal is unattainable! 

Linda Lark

Elite Zumba Instructor

I am a Philly native and have been into personal fitness since the 80's and teaching group fitness for 8 years. In addition to teaching group fitness classes, I enjoy weight lifting and distance running. I believe that your body is the most precious thing you own and you should honor it with things that are good and healthy.


    Amber McClendon

    EliteTrainer/Group Fitness Instructor

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, my whole life I have been "skinny" however in  2017 I found out I was "too skinny". I decided to join a gym to build muscle and gain weight the healthy way. My determination and desire to be healthy turned into a career that I LOVE! Four years and several certifications later, I am still a fitness lover. I am also certified in assisted stretching. I specialize in strength training and love to mix it up with HIIT workouts. The variety helps my clients get stronger, reach their fitness goals and change their lives.